Succulents are all the rage these days. And who could blame them? They are easy to maintain and make adorable favors to help guests remember your special day in the years to come. Succulents also are great for those who don’t have a green thumb, because they’ll be just fine if you forget to water them for a couple of days.

And since you don’t need to worry about them wilting before the big day, you can make up these favors well in advance.

Here’s what you need:

• Succulents

• Miniature pots or containers

• Potting soil

• Ribbon or twine

• Tag

Here’s what you do:

• Buy in bulk. The price of individual succulents can add up. Ask your local florist. Liza’s Garden in Huntington told us they can order plants in bulk, with advance notice.

• We found these adorable little ceramic pots at Hobby Lobby, but you could also use small metal buckets, Chinese food boxes, etc.

• Plant the succulents, add potting soil.

• Make a custom tag and tie it around the container.

To make the planting process more fun, invite your girlfriends over, turn up some fun music and make a party of it.

Whether you have 40 guests or 400, these priceless mementos will make a big impact.

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