DIY Hospitality Table

This retro drum hospitality table DIY was inspired by an eye-catching vintage party planning book clipping. In the original holiday book plans they used cardboard to create the “drum” walls and I decided to simplify all the elements by using holiday supplies you more than likely already have, like wrapping paper and ribbon. This is such a fun idea for a cocktail or hors d'oeuvres table for your holiday gatherings this year. You could easily wrap an entire round table and let that be the designated kids table. How fun would that be?

Things you will need:

• Wrapping paper

• Ribbon

• Tape

• Tassels

• A round table

Happy holidays and we hope you give this fun retro DIY a try!

XO, Ashton

1. Begin by measuring your wrapping paper around the table.

2. Cut your wrapping paper to size and lay the paper down on a flat surface to decorate the drum walls.

3. Create the drum lines by attaching the ribbon with double sided tape.

4. Once your ribbon is arranged to your liking, you can accessorize your drum with tassels or star shaped bows.

5. Wrap your table by securing the finished drum wall with tape, allowing the wrapping paper to barely touch the floor and cover the entire table.