For years, scientists have scoffed at the idea that every illness and issue of humankind has a plant or mushroom cure, myself including (note: I have a Master of Science degree in medicinal chemistry and a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry). But as we start delving into the amazing chemistry of Earth’s plants, there’s a dawning realization that there may be truth to it after all.

No disrespect intended toward June, but when it comes to summer, July is DA MONTH.

Got milk? These days, it seems that “not milk” is all the rage. Milk alternatives are growing in popularity with new blends and varieties popping up all the time. With all the options, it can be difficult to know what is the best choice. While cow’s milk is still naturally nutritious and high in protein, not everyone digests cow’s milk well, and some choose not to drink it due to taste preferences or other objections.

It seems like everyone is eating “keto” right now. And if you haven’t tried it yourself, you probably know at least one person who has. So what is all the hype about? What exactly is keto? Is it safe? And does it really work for weight loss?

Being a dad is stressful, exhausting and worth every sleepless night and backache. Guiding helpless babies into amazing toddlers, astounding teens and stunning adults takes time, energy and love. Lots of time, energy and love.

I never thought I’d be dealing with a food allergy, but my daughter developed a life-threatening allergy to eggs before she was a year old. Allergies aren’t something we often think about until they affect us, our children or a loved one. However, we can all do our part to help those dealing with allergies simply by learning more about them and understanding them. I’d love to share with you the basics of allergies so you can help those around you facing these challenges.

The bench press. At one point in my younger life, the bench press was the true measurement of a guy’s manly manliness. A dedicated gym rat, I spent tons of my Marine Corps off-duty hours in a weight room somewhere. There were plenty of other exercises and equipment available, but all those were more or less there to help us build up to the big one. There was plenty of talk thrown around about “maxing out” or how many reps we could perform with a higher amount of weight.

On the windowsill above the sink in my parent’s 150-year-old farmhouse kitchen sits a small, yellow flowerpot. In the pot grows a cluster of green-leafed wood sorrel, often referred to as shamrocks, but whose genus name is Oxalis. This pot of wood sorrel was given to my mother by her grandmother when she was a little girl. It was simply a weed stuck in an old pot, but that little plant bonded my mother to her grandmother. Mom is 85 now, and she’s kept this pot with its spray of heart-shaped leaves and beautiful, purple flowers for nearly seven decades. When I’m visiting home I know as …

The impossible is expected from you every day.

I always have artificial fragrances in my home, and I tend to change the scents with the seasons. It just gives my home a fresh, clean feeling when I walk into a room. However, the plug-ins you get at the store can get pricey and have to be full of chemicals, so I am giving essential oils a try and making my own (very budget friendly!) reed diffuser.

Lufkin mother and businesswoman Majal Minguez dove deep into the do-it-yourself culture many years ago, not to be trendy, but to find some relief for her son. Years later, the Oil Drops Shop and an entire community was born.

I wasn’t a college student at the time, but I’d heard plenty about Spring Break from my friends back home. It sounded intriguing. A whole week off, smack-dab in the middle of a semester, just to party? No worries about missing class or work?

Editor’s Note: The purpose of this article is to explain how quality differs between products and to give you some resources to help you choose supplements that are right for you. Of course, it is important to meet your nutrients through a healthy diet first, but if you think a supplement is necessary, then read on.

Everything old is new again when it comes to self-care.

Succulents are all the rage these days. And who could blame them? They are easy to maintain and make adorable favors to help guests remember your special day in the years to come. Succulents also are great for those who don’t have a green thumb, because they’ll be just fine if you forget to water them for a couple of days.

On Valentine’s Day, my husband, Zac, and I like to keep it simple and have a romantic night in. He’s always in charge of the main course, and I am in charge of dessert. To make your Valentine’s Day dinner even more special, add a nice bottle of Champagne (or for us pregnant women, a nice bottle of sparkling grape juice). You can re-create this unique floral ice bucket to hold your bubbly and make a statement piece on your table. All you’ll need is a few containers and fresh cut flowers.

If you use dietary supplements, then you are not alone. The popularity of dietary supplements has been increasing in the United States. A 2018 survey by the Council for Responsible Nutrition found that out of 2,004 U.S. adults, aged 18 years and older, 75% were supplement users. In the past 20 years, the supplement industry has grown from $6 billion to more than $35 billion in annual sales. Improving or maintaining overall health were the main reasons why consumers used dietary supplements.