Holy moly. While listening to my wife and daughters discuss upcoming Christmas plans, it struck me that I’m steaming rapidly toward my 56th Christmas holiday.

Five grown men — all of us pretty big guys — piled into a tiny hospital room for days. My brothers and I, along with our stepdad, were there to say goodbye to my mother. The docs had already told us it was just a matter of time, and none of us wanted to leave her side.

There is possibly nothing more East Texan than purple hull peas. Indeed, the purple hull pea has many close relatives, including zipper creams, lady fingers and crowders.

As the cowboys in the chute helped strap me onto the bull’s back, I had a couple of flashbacks serving to remind me that what I was about to do was a bad, bad idea.

More than 10 years ago, a local sports reporter attended a Lufkin High School football practice in hopes of interviewing head coach John Outlaw for a season preview. The Panthers were only a few short years removed from having won their first state title, and the reporter wanted to know if t…

Several years ago, I was on the sidelines for a Lufkin Panther football game when a player I’d been tutoring in English got smacked right in front of me. I’m talking a big hit: a slobber knocker, de-cleater, whatever you want to call it.

Try Googling “Stages of Parenthood,” and you’ll get about as confused as a first-time dad trying to maneuver his way around a diaper. If you read all the selections offered, you’ll have people claiming anywhere from four to 10 stages of that particular time in one’s life. 

It all resembled a scene out of one of the great courtroom dramas, only instead of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” my siblings and I were staging “To Kill a Rose Bush.”

 still don’t know why our daughter insisted on having me attend some of her various wedding-planning gatherings. I’m a guy, and have been all my life, so when it comes to stuff like that I’m pretty much worthless as boobs on a bull.

The standard depiction of a trophy wife is usually that of a younger woman married to a much older, wealthier man. This description suggests that the man has somehow won some sort of award just for getting old and rich, while the woman has traded sleeping with a wrinkled bag of bones for a l…