Flower Fabric Dyeing DIY

Flowers usually are sent or received to signify a special occasion, however you can only enjoy them for a short amount of time before they begin to wilt. For ages, people have been looking for ways to preserve their blooms to remind them of the kind gesture or memories, such as drying them and placing them in window boxes. But have you ever heard of floral dyeing fabric? This trend has been around for sometime now, but has recently taken back off. What a fun, new way to take your flowers and transform them into something that can last forever. I took the birthday flowers my husband gave me and put them to the test and was surprised at the subtle, but beautiful results!

Flower Fabric Dyeing DIY

Things you will need:

100 percent linen or silk fabric in white or off white


Small stick



1. Begin by laying the fabric or article of clothing of your choice out and placing a stick at the base to make rolling your fabric easier when it is full of blooms.

2. Then begin placing your booms on the fabric in whatever pattern you would like. (Tip: the deeper the color of your flowers, the more colorful and darker your pattern will be.) Once you are satisfied, begin to tightly roll the fabric around the stick and secure it with twine.

3. You will then need to steam your fabric bundle for up to an hour. I used my steamer, but you could easily place a caldron in a deep pot with shallow boiling water at the base.

4. Once it has steamed for an hour, place your bundle in a plastic bag and let it sit overnight.

5. The next day, you will have a beautiful new design imprinted on your fabric. I have read that you need to be very careful with your fabric and it is not recommended to wash heavily.

We hope you give this DIY a try and share your creation with us.

XO, Ashton