Coffee is considered by many to be a sacred beverage. Whether you are part of “Team Coffee” or not, it is certainly true that coffee consumption can be a controversial issue for a number of reasons, not the least of which includes the purported health benefits and risks.

Some move in a slow shuffle, maybe while slightly stooped over. Others walk with a noticeable limp, if they can walk at all. If not, they’re in wheelchairs or other vehicles designed to help them move around.

Nothing takes the wind out of your sails quite like the common cold. The coughing, sneezing, congestion and sleepless nights are the pits.

Fall is here and this DIY hoop wreath is the perfect decor for your home this season. And you can make it in no time flat!

It was a big storm that felled the big tree. Lashing rain, blinding lightning, and the crash of thunder coupled with the roar and smash of the tree falling ... weird how such a spot of peaceful rest was born in such chaos.

Ever get out the door, in the car and down the driveway when you remember you’ve left your phone on the bathroom counter? (Just me?) Preparation is key to shaving those few precious minutes off your morning routine and getting where you need to go on time, every time.

Take a minute. Close your eyes. When was the last time you were truly happy? Are you picturing it? Are you smiling?

The world is flat. No, seriously! Maybe not in the manner of “Flat Earth” conspiracy theories but in a way even more insidious and dangerous. Your world is flat. Flat floors, flat sidewalks, flat trails ... a majority of your paths are flat, and it’s messing with your mind and body.

Depression is intricately connected to nutrition and a person’s individual genetics and biochemistry. Dr. William Walsh, author of “Nutrient Power” and president of the nonprofit organization The Walsh Institute, has been studying the influence of nutrients on mental illness since the 1970s. He has collected thousands of blood samples and patient histories to support his theory of depression and best treatment practices. In “Nutrient Power,” Walsh presents depression as an umbrella term that encompasses many different conditions with different root causes. In general, symptoms of depre…

Several years back, I covered a story for the newspaper. A “First Day of School” feature, only instead of covering a regular school, I’d be on a campus for 3-year-olds. Sort of a Head Start program for little ones.

It’s an ironic twist that the cleaner, more sterile we become the worse the illnesses that befall us. Autoimmune diseases lead this list, with cases such as asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus and more than 70 others wreaking havoc on modern man ... and in may cases, even worse on modern women. It’s like the less our immune system has to work the more easily confused it gets.

Kids are clever. Their ultimate goal when it comes to eating is to gain control of any given situation and get the upper hand. Tired, frustrated and busy parents will often slowly but surely give over control of food choices to their children, one demand at a time.

East Texas summers are no joke. The sweat starts pouring before you even make it to your car. But staying cooped up all summer isn’t much fun either. It can be tricky finding something enjoyable to do – whether it’s on your own or with the whole family – that doesn’t involve a heat stroke or breaking the bank. Luckily, we’ve found several cheap and easy ways to have fun and keep your cool this summer.

Ah, the Fourth of July! Sure, it’s hot outside but that just makes the beer colder, the water balloon fights wetter and grilling smarter, while turning our picnic tables into neighborhood social centers. There’s something about the founding of America that draws people together at the ends of driveways to share fireworks and food. And as the local forager, you can combine both in a wild manner.

Picnics are awesome. I mean, minus the biting insects and blazing hot sun ... maybe they are mostly awesome. Eating outside for one reason or another is a great way to spend more time outdoors, which is truly good for the body and the soul. Whether you’re on a road trip, at the playground, the ball park or your backyard, there are plenty of occasions that call for a picnic. The key is to be prepared with a few basics to keep things simple and easy to pull together. So spread your picnic blanket, get comfy and let’s come up with some portable meals that will work for your next casual ou…