A feeling of calm envelops you when embarking on a nature walk, taking your first deep breath of fresh air as you settle into the surrounding scenery.

But what if you could capture that feeling in your home?

House plants are here to help.

A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology suggests active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress.

House plants are not a new concept, having been adorning indoor spaces for thousands of years. However, due to leaps in modern technology more than 85% of a person’s daily life is spent indoors — making house plants more beneficial than ever.

So if you would like to liven up your home while also reducing stress — here’s a few house plants that are low maintenance and great for the new plant enthusiasts.

But keep in mind, not all greenery are safe to ingest — consider pets and children before deciding which are the ones for you.

• Snake plant

• ZZ plant

• Pothos

• Heartleaf philodendron

• Monstera

• Cactus

• Euphorbia

• Hoya carnosa, Krimson Queen, Krimson Princess and Chelsea.

• Hoya pubicalyx varieties

• Hoya Australis and Australis ‘Lisa’

• Hoya obovata

My personal favorites are Hoyas, Cacti and Euphorbia — featured in the photos I’ve taken to showcase the pottery I’ve made.


If you would like to get started collecting and caring for houseplants — passively or avidly — there are a multitude of Facebook groups that are a wonderful source of information and community.

Kaleigh Anne Howe is a former Charm editor who is now obsessed with plants and her newborn daughter. You can check out her pottery at or @kaleighanneart.