A warm glow radiated from the glimmering ornaments adorning a Christmas tree decorated by Kim Smith. Bursts of gold and rosy red mingled with the sharp scent of fresh pine.

Am I the only one excited to spring clean my house? OK, so maybe you don’t enjoy the process as much as I do, but there is no arguing that the end result is definitely worth celebrating.

OK, so let’s be honest. You’ve got a few things in your pantry you’re not proud of. I’ll fess up too. I keep a warehouse worth of chocolate in my pantry — for emergencies, of course. On the flip side, the pantry is also the place where it can be easiest to make some healthful improvements. T…

I’m sure when you read that word, just like myself, you think of bare rooms decorated with one chair and a single frame on the wall. Has this imaginary couple not yet moved in their stuff? Are they moving out and did they forget these two well-placed pieces of décor?