DIY Fruit Cocktail Umbrella

It doesn’t get any more summery than a drink that’s topped off with a cute cocktail umbrella. Simply use cardstock and wooden skewers to make this DIY that is perfect for all those fruity drinks your guests will be sipping on poolside.

Things you will need:

■ Cardstock

■ Black sharpie

■ Toothpick/wooden skewer

■ Glue stick

■ Hot glue

■ Scissors


1. Begin by cutting about 16 cm circles, which is folded 8 times in the middle. Thinner paper folds better! If, after folding, the small triangles are pressed inwards and outwards alternately, a screen form is created.

2. Depending on which fruit you design; you now need another circle. For a watermelon, for example, cut a slightly smaller circle, glue it to the bigger circle with your glue stick, and also fold this paper circle 8 times in the middle.

3. Place both pieces on top of each other and pierce the top with a needle or a kabob stick. Poke a cotton ball on a toothpick/wooden skewer and then the paper screen.

4. At best, all parts now sit firmly on the toothpick. If this is not the case, a drop of hot glue helps to fix the parts.

We hope you give this DIY a try and share your creation with us on Facebook or Instagram!

XO, Ashton

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