I love creating simple and semi-homemade holiday gifts that I know people will enjoy, and these dip mix ornaments hit all of those attributes. I also like gifting and receiving food items during the holiday season, mainly because I know that it will be eaten or used! But even more so, because if you are like me, you spend most of the holiday cooking or baking to take food elsewhere and when you get home you truly do not want to cook for yourself or are too busy.

What you will need:

• Funnel

• Package of plastic clear ornaments

• Ribbon

• Variety of dip mixes

DIY Ornament 2

Step by step:

Prepare your ornaments for the dip mixes by removing the tops and ensuring that your funnel will fit. Mine was a little too large, so I created a makeshift funnel with a piece of cardstock rolled and taped.

Carefully pour each dip mix into an ornament and secure the ornament tightly.

Once you have your ornaments full of dip mixes, top them off with a cheerful ribbon, and you are done!

When I was gathering all of the necessary items for this do-it-yourself project, I was sure to buy dip mixes that all called for the same ingredients to whip them up, which would make for an easy to remember and simple recipe card! After I had my dip mix ornaments prepared and wrapped with a bow, the possibilities were endless. I could add them to a gift basket full of crackers and a bottle of wine or just a cute basket for themselves.

We hope you give this DIY a try and share your creation with us!

XO, Ashton

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DIY Ornament 1

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