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If you are looking for a beautiful blue flower that has been proven by top gardeners in Angelina County, consider the Imperial blue plumbago.

I work with numerous folks that garden, either with vegetable gardens or showy landscapes. These folks do it for several reasons. I admire them for their effort and for their results, both direct and indirect.

A feeling of calm envelops you when embarking on a nature walk, taking your first deep breath of fresh air as you settle into the surrounding scenery.

I suppose everyone is familiar with the holiday song lyrics “Deck the halls with boughs of holly.” We don’t use the word ‘‘bough’’ much, now though, and we may not know where to find holly.

Cooler weather should bring an end to your lawn maintenance chores, but you may still be dealing with disease problems and the never-ending weed issues.

This year has already taught us what plants are tough enough to make it through extreme cold and extreme wet. Perhaps the third leg of this super-tough triad is if they also can make it through summer conditions.

By far one of the most common questions I get asked about is how to manage a pond. I am not talking about a small backyard koi pond, but a larger farm pond that is found on almost every piece of acreage owned by East Texans.

Nestled within Lufkin’s neighborhoods, houses built in decades past by prominent families captivate the attention and imagination of homebuyers swept up in the romanticism of homes filled with history and hopefully some ghosts.

If you have looked long enough at Pinterest and other online gardening sites, you’ve surely seen some beautiful, raised garden beds.

Roses are found in Greek and Roman mythology, Shakespeare’s writings and in your grandma’s garden. Yet at the mention of them, many people say they do not know how to grow them and consider them too difficult.

I was so happy to hear that Charm was doing a “Black and White” issue because black and white is not only one of the most popular color palette trends in home design right now, it’s also a fantastic place to start when building a color foundation for decorating a space and layering colors.

Ready or not, Christmas is just days away. Among the many trappings we associate with Christmas, such as gifts, traveling, ugly sweaters and more, we also bring into the house a variety of plants.

It seems that in 2020, numerous families re-discovered that there are outdoor spaces.

Choosing the proper flooring for your home can be an overwhelming process. I reached out to Mark Ferden, owner of Carpets by Curiosity, to get a few answers regarding luxury vinyl and laminate flooring.

Historic downtown Lufkin has certainly experienced an age of reformation over the past decade. New retail and dining options abound, and as more lofts become available along First Street — thanks in large part to Hicks-Co Real Estate Development, downtown living has become more attractive than ever.