It doesn’t get any more summery than a drink that’s topped off with a cute cocktail umbrella. Simply use cardstock and wooden skewers to make this DIY that is perfect for all those fruity drinks your guests will be sipping on poolside.

Nestled in the pines of the Settlement neighborhood on the south side of Lufkin, this charming 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home is the perfect place to entertain guests or just get away from it all. Brittany and Justin Jensen made several updates to their modern farmhouse while maintaining the house’s original character.

Located on Caspers Cove Road in Hudson, this custom-built home draws from the natural beauty of the Pineywoods to combine rustic style with the relaxing enjoyment of country living.

Whether you are heading out on a beach getaway or sending your kid off to summer camp, this quick and easy washcloth doubles as a travel kit that holds your stuff and cleans your face. Pick up a cute washcloth and a strip of fun ribbon to create the cute carrier that also makes a great handmade gift.

Pressure washing has gone soft. According to Francisco Lopez, owner of Lopez Pressure Wash, high-pressure power washing is an old and outdated method that can cause damage to your home or building surfaces while also delivering inferior results that don’t tend to last long.

If there is a popular plant that is notoriously difficult to cultivate in East Texas that I’m often asked about, it is lavender.

After years of living in their 1,400-square-foot “barn-dominium,” Tina and David Price decided it was time to upgrade.

I love repurposing things that I already have and transforming them into something new. We recently stained our porch, and I am in love all over again. Instead of going and buying all new décor, I have set a goal to give my porch a fresh new look with things I already have, such as buying new pillow sleeves for my outdoor pillows, spray painting my side tables and repotting plants that made it through the winter in these super cute and easy rope-wrapped planters. They are easy to do and give such a fun nautical look to your old planters.

Bob Flournoy built a beautiful Spanish-inspired home for himself and his wife, Genie in 1969. However, that beauty did not simply end with the completion of their home.

When you drive through the gated entrance off Appleby Sand Road, the first thing you will notice is the 41 acres of rolling hills and trees that surround the yellow house on the hill. This maintained land is complete with a large, stocked pond that would be perfect for livestock.

When you approach the Davis home on Brentwood Drive, you enter into a storybook narrow drive enclosed by vibrant green woods. That feeling continues as you park on the circle drive and take in the wishing well, overhanging vines, stone pathways and Tulsa stone exterior of the home. It is easy to imagine having a magical adventure of “The Spiderwick Chronicles” or “The Chronicles of Narnia” proportions.

Spring is one of my absolute favorite seasons. Everything seems to come to life, with the birds chirping and flowers blooming, I cannot help but want to be outside every waking moment to soak it all in. I always have a bundle of flowers in a vase during spring for just that purpose, to bring the outside in.

The custom-built home of Matt and Diana Harkins sits prominently on 38 acres of land on a quiet farm road in Corrigan, secluded by the surrounding pine trees. The Harkins designed the home together, while Randall Petty with Petty Construction brought their home dreams to life.

I hope everyone grows some vegetables. I believe gardening can cure three ailments that affect much of our society.

A small Georgian-style castle lays hidden in a Nacogdoches suburb, nestled on five acres of land, surrounded by other charming and unique homes.

Tucked into a quiet neighborhood off Appleby Sand Road in Nacogdoches sits the home of Coy and Leslie VanDyke. The couple met in college and started dating seven years ago. As of this past December they are now first-time homeowners along with their furbabies, four dogs and one cat.

In the midst of the busy college town Nacogdoches, it can be hard to imagine that any place within its bounds could provide a sense of calm. That is until you run across this beautiful home in the Waterford Park subdivision, just off Stallings Drive. Though it is part of a neighborhood, its surroundings are such that it mimics a land of personal retreat. Sitting on the side of a hill adorned with woodland scenery and a creek beneath, this home provides a blissful escape from day-to-day life.

Known as Carolina jessamine as well as yellow jessamine, Carolina wild woodbine, evening trumpet flower and even simply jasmine, this is a tough, well-adapted vine that could be an excellent addition to your landscape.

Change is the new black this year and it looks amazing on everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that wearing it is easy. Though excited to move, Hilary Walker says that her, her husband, Stephen Walker, and her two sons, Anders and Asa, wanted the house to be their forever home.