Spring is one of my absolute favorite seasons. Everything seems to come to life, with the birds chirping and flowers blooming, I cannot help but want to be outside every waking moment to soak it all in. I always have a bundle of flowers in a vase during spring for just that purpose, to bring the outside in.

The custom-built home of Matt and Diana Harkins sits prominently on 38 acres of land on a quiet farm road in Corrigan, secluded by the surrounding pine trees. The Harkins designed the home together, while Randall Petty with Petty Construction brought their home dreams to life.

I hope everyone grows some vegetables. I believe gardening can cure three ailments that affect much of our society.

A small Georgian-style castle lays hidden in a Nacogdoches suburb, nestled on five acres of land, surrounded by other charming and unique homes.

Tucked into a quiet neighborhood off Appleby Sand Road in Nacogdoches sits the home of Coy and Leslie VanDyke. The couple met in college and started dating seven years ago. As of this past December they are now first-time homeowners along with their furbabies, four dogs and one cat.

In the midst of the busy college town Nacogdoches, it can be hard to imagine that any place within its bounds could provide a sense of calm. That is until you run across this beautiful home in the Waterford Park subdivision, just off Stallings Drive. Though it is part of a neighborhood, its surroundings are such that it mimics a land of personal retreat. Sitting on the side of a hill adorned with woodland scenery and a creek beneath, this home provides a blissful escape from day-to-day life.

Known as Carolina jessamine as well as yellow jessamine, Carolina wild woodbine, evening trumpet flower and even simply jasmine, this is a tough, well-adapted vine that could be an excellent addition to your landscape.

Change is the new black this year and it looks amazing on everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that wearing it is easy. Though excited to move, Hilary Walker says that her, her husband, Stephen Walker, and her two sons, Anders and Asa, wanted the house to be their forever home.

The Buckingham home lies nestled among its own grove of trees facing north toward a clear view of Lake Nacogdoches. This three-bed, two-bath, two-story 3,429-square-foot home is punctuated with solid Oklahoma moss stone, picture windows that line the front and an extensive flagstone walkway and stairs from the front door to the terraced garden area that was featured in the 2017 Garden Capital of Texas Garden Tours and flagstone-surrounded fire pit area overlooking the lake.

Poppies are a huge hit with some gardeners in the area. Varieties such as California or Shirley poppies are simple to grow. It’s true the poppy has a bad image with some folks because opium is extracted from the pods of certain species. The one variety that is illegal to grow is not listed below.

In a beautiful Nacogdoches neighborhood off the loop lies a two-story house that has been the home of the Rocco family for more than a decade. The circle drive and trees make this look somewhat like a fairy tale castle — minus the gargoyles and towers.

If you love blue flowers and love plants that are extremely well adapted to our area, put on blooms all during the growing season, and draw all kinds of pollinators, then consider mystic spires salvia.

In the drab winter landscape where few plants are green and most of the colors are long gone, you ought to consider the possum haw holly.

Savanna Marberry, owner of MTS Commercial Services LLC, took her personal hobby and love of organization to create a dirty and dynamic cleaning service that is a one-stop-shop for everything your house may need.

Through miles of thick treeline and twisting blacktop roads lies a log cabin, but not just any log cabin. It was designed by a family in 1971, and the Lyon family bought it in 2000. The inside is all windows, and Marcia Lyon said she could never think of putting a curtain in.

This DIY is such a fun way to liven up any tablescape or simply spice up your seasonal décor. I am a huge fan of vintage finds and bringing old things back to life. So when I came across a stack of old books at a sale, I could not pass up the paper crafting possibilities. You could even go as far as selecting a book for the occasion, such as a romance novel for a wedding or nursery rhymes for a baby shower. This vintage book page runner DIY is a definite conversation piece.

Award-winning author Alice Walker once said, “Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”

The beautiful bungalow home of Bryant and Diane Kountz sits nestled in the piney woods in Hudson. The home’s design was modeled on the craftsman-style architecture, a design that historically dates back to the late 19th century British social movement.

The home of Bill and Sherry Pinkston sits on a peaceful, rolling landscape just outside the Nacogdoches city limits, but you wouldn’t know that by sitting on their porch. The home is surrounded by trees and a large field that makes one feel like you are truly out in the country, when in fact the convenience of town is just down the road. That is one of the Pinkston family’s favorite aspects of the location.