Food is love. Every morning, my Dot Dot would get up and make breakfast for my Granddaddy. She would heat up her cast iron skillet, fry up some bacon, then an egg to follow. It was one of the many ways she showed him that she loved him. After he passed away, this daily labor of love was so engrained in her, she continued cooking breakfast every morning — for the dog.

Food is motivation. I hate running, but have ran two half marathons. My motivation: a reward of chips, queso and margaritas after a long run. I’d chant it during my run to remind myself to keep pushing through. I’m sure I was quite the spectacle to see, pounding the pavement and hollering about this unbeatable trifecta.

Food is memories. We mark many major events in life with meals: marriages, birthdays, reunions, graduations, promotions. When we celebrate, food is always present.

Food is comfort. Nothing makes you feel better when you’re sick than hot soup. Food is always served after a funeral. Ice cream soothes a breakup.

This month, we celebrate food and drink. We featured several East Texas eateries: Honey’s Kitchen in Zavalla and Sweets & Eats in San Augustine. We met Merci’, owner of Merci’s World Cuisine, who shares big plans she has on the horizon. We drove to Shiner, Texas, to make the obligatory Texan pilgrimage to the Spoetzl Brewery.

We hope you find love, motivation, memories and comfort in this month’s issue.

Ed Letter
Ed Letter