“Real freedom lies in wilderness, not in civilization.”

— Charles Lindbergh

I grew up in a family that fished. We’d spend summer days fishing at a small private lake just outside of Huntsville. I use that term loosely because us kids would fish, but my dad would stay busy untangling lines, putting new hooks or bait on and taking fish off the line if we were lucky enough to catch one. Even though we weren’t far from our home, it felt like we were a world away. Those days were magical and priceless, because Dad is no longer with us.

We still spend time at the lake, although it holds a different sentiment now. My girls love fishing there, and now I am helping with all the tasks Dad once held. Seeing the joy on their faces as they reel one in, regardless of size, is unbeatable and worth every minute of “work.”

The experience is still magical and priceless.

This month, I hope you are encouraged to go out and experience the freedoms and magic that come with being outdoors, whatever activity you’re doing.

Ed Ltr