If you are looking for a new hang-out place for you and your friends, or taking that special lady out for a night on the town, Maklemore’s is a place you want to check out. The restaurant offers exquisite American cuisine and warm hospitality in a rustic, historically preserved building. I love this hip little joint and its surprisingly massive beer selection — more than 110 varieties, to be exact. I’m an extremely picky beer drinker, and I can always find a beer here that I love. Whether you want a seasonal ale or a very rare find, they are passionate about finding new selections for their weekly guests. I decided to sit down with the owner, Nikil Reddy, and ask him a few questions about this Nacogdoches favorite.

Q: How was Maklemore’s born?

A: Maklemore’s was born when a friend and I in college had to do a class project and turned the project into a reality. We wanted to bring a cool and fun atmosphere for all ages to Nacogdoches.

Q: I hear nothing but amazing things about your beer. Why do you think it’s a local favorite?

A: Our craft beer is a local favorite because there’s always something new on tap. We have beer from all over the country and three coolers full of bottled craft beer. People like to see Texas breweries with beer being served locally.

Q: Tell me about your amazing menu and customer favorites.

A: Our menu ranges from hamburgers to tacos to pasta and more. One of our most popular items is the Mak Balls. They are fried macaroni balls served with a red pimento Makfredo sauce. We also have a Cheeseburger Eggsplosion burger that is a cheeseburger with hearty toppings and a fried egg. It’s great served with buffalo chicken fries.