Icy Cold Treats

The best thing about summer? Hands down, it’s the perfect excuse to sample all the cold, yummy treats. There are plenty of choices in Deep East Texas that can easily satisfy your taste buds, so we set out to try a few. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, right?

1. Chilly Fillmore’s

2023 North St., Nacogdoches

High-quality frozen yogurt. An assortment of toppings. Super clean and friendly. That’s what you will find at Chilly Fillmore’s, a Nacogdoches staple, on North Street, directly across the street from Stephen F. Austin State University. Their gourmet milkshakes, like the sea salt caramel pretzel and the hot fudge cookies and cream, are to die for.

2. Crazy About Mangonadas

1865 W. Frank Ave., Lufkin

New to Lufkin, this little store in Gaslight Plaza (in front of Brookshire Brother’s on W. Frank Ave.) is serving up wonderful fruit purée desserts with amazing toppings. Try the Almond Joy with coconut puree, toasted coconut flakes and Hershey’s syrup or the Island Dream with blue coconut and pineapple puree, strawberries and cream. It’s sweet without being too overwhelming. Throw in some fresh fruit or candy for an added treat.

3. El Coco Loko

1422 N. Timberland Drive, Lufkin

930 South St., Nacogdoches

El Coco Loko offers a variety of traditional Mexican treats like strawberries and cream, corn in a cup and mangonadas. They also serve ice cream, snow cones, banana splits, ice cream bars, fresh fruit cups and a lunch or dinner menu.

4. Kibbies Shaved Ice

2109 W. Frank Ave., Lufkin

When it comes to thinking outside of the box, Kibbies Shaved Ice on state Highway 94 has you covered. Their unique creations take shaved ice to a whole new level. We recommend their Maui Rush or Caribbean Sunrise specials with fresh strawberries and a sprinkling of Kool-Aid. They are located at 2109 W. Frank Ave., just past Whataburger.

5. La’Bonita Michoacana

412 E. Denman Ave., Lufkin

1418 South St., Nacogdoches

This place is like nothing else out there with their homemade, artisanal ice cream, grown-up popsicles, fruit cups and large variety of ice cream flavors (including alcoholic varieties that may leave you more toasty than chilled). They are located at 1418 South St. in Nacogdoches, and just opened a new location on Denman Avenue in Lufkin to serve all of your frosty needs.

6. Marble Slab Creamery

1817 Tulane Drive, Lufkin

2425 North St., Nacogdoches

With locations in both Lufkin and Nacogdoches, you can’t go wrong with a cup or cone of Marble Slab ice cream. Don’t forget the hand-blended mix-ins; there are plenty to choose from. If you’re looking to share, try one of the many varieties of ice cream cakes, like the Mint Chocolate Meltdown with mint ice cream, chocolate syrup, vanilla frosting and topped with Andes mints, or the Cookie Jar Chaos with chocolate cake, sweet cream ice cream, cookie dough pieces and Oreo cookies. You also can create your own and order online.

7. Orange Leaf

4505 S. Medford Drive, Ste. 307, Lufkin

Whether you’re craving chocolate or something fruity, this frozen yogurt shop has a lot to offer with new flavors being added weekly and 36 different self-serve toppings to chose from. You can keep this sweet treat in caloric check (if you’re into that) or go wild — the possibilities are endless. It’s also very family friendly — borrow a board game or sit outside under the umbrellas.

8. Sno-Bros

740 S. Timberland Drive, Lufkin

Brand new to the snowcone scene, three Lufkin teenage entrepreneurs are mixing it up at Sno-Bros on Timberland Drive. Their specialty is a snow cone/ice cream mixture in all sorts of combinations like Captain ‘Murica, Mixed Berry Cobbler and Tropic Like It’s Hot. They also offer a variety of all natural syrups with no artificial colors.

9. Snowmies Shaved Ice

4601 North St., Nacogdoches

This finely shaved ice comes with some pretty unique flavors like pickle, root beer, cantaloupe and cheesecake. They also have your standard flavors like Tiger’s Blood, strawberry and grape and offer several sugar-free varieties. This traveling trailer will be hanging out all summer at “The Shack” parking lot.

10. Standpipe Coffee House

123 S. First St., Ste. A, Lufkin

Need a caffeine fix? Standpipe Coffee House in historic downtown Lufkin can fix you up. Along with their standard fare, the crew at Standpipe has introduced a new menu of summer spotlights, including the Raspberry Tart with lemonade and raspberry herbal tea, the Cookies & Cream frappe, and the Angelina, a cold brew coffee steeped with brown sugar and cinnamon over ice and half and half. They also have a variety of Italian soda and smoothies.

11. Texas Shaved Ice

300 N. Hines St., Diboll

4600 S. Medford Drive, Lufkin

If you’re looking for a cup of classic shaved ice like you remember from your childhood, look no further than Texas Shaved Ice. Conveniently located in the bright yellow trailer in front of the Lufkin Mall or across from Ace Hardware in Diboll, Texas Shaved Ice has dozens of traditional and unique flavors. For an extra kick of jaw-tingling deliciousness, add the sour spray for free.

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