Nothing says “Hello fall,” like a big bowl of steaming hot beef stew! It’s just as comforting as wrapping a blanket around you. It warms your soul, and makes you forget about all your troubles and worries. Light some candles, pour a glass of wine and tear apart crusty pieces of warm French bread.

As a child, some of my fondest memories are of summers spent at my grandparent’s house. I’m not sure how much land I roamed back then, but in my mind the cornfield alone went on for acres. There was a watermelon patch that took forever to run across. (Especially when you were trying to get to the cornfield to eat a watermelon you just stole from your grandpa’s field.)

I thoroughly enjoy cutting vegetables. It is so relaxing and therapeutic to me. I have talked to so many people who say they don’t enjoy cooking because they hate the time it takes to cut up and prepare all the ingredients. If you can, get yourself a great wooden cutting board and be sure to keep your knives sharpened. Turn on some music and just enjoy the process. Take your time while cutting and preparing and think about the fact that you are preparing food that is going to nourish your body, nourish your family’s bodies and ultimately leave you all feeling better than you would have…

Beneath the soft glow of a giant neon green cactus sits one of Lufkin’s favorite Tex-Mex restaurants, Café del Rio. Out front, you’ll find giant metal art like a multicolored cat and her kittens, a bobblehead dog and his pups, old mining carts and even the mariachi band from the restaurant’s original location on South First Street. Walk through the large wooden doors (or, if you prefer, the smaller door “para los niños”) and you’re immediately transported a world away.

The best thing about summer? Hands down, it’s the perfect excuse to sample all the cold, yummy treats. There are plenty of choices in Deep East Texas that can easily satisfy your taste buds, so we set out to try a few. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, right?

Great, quality brews in Deep East Texas are hard enough to find and only a few breweries have found real love from locals.

    You can make homemade frozen yogurt anytime with two simple ingredients – frozen fruit and fat-free condensed milk. Get the kiddos involved in mixing up this easy-to-make, low-calorie treat for a fun and yummy way to get in a daily serving of fruit.

    Sitting 10 miles outside of Nacogdoches on state Highway 21, there’s a new destination in Douglass that seamlessly ties tasty barbecue, a bakery, chocolate factory and farmers market together.

    Chad Wadley’s love for Fuzzy’s is pit-of-his-stomach deep — it’s an affair that began years ago and nagged him until he opened his own stores in East Texas.

    Three months after J.C. Ray purchased the building that was to become Ray’s Drive-In, he tried to give it back to David Boles.