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Butter boards are here to steal the show at all those upcoming holiday party snack tables.

My family recently traveled to Seattle and visited the famous Pike’s Place Fish Market. Watching the notorious fish-tossing was an item on my husband’s bucket list. Not only did he get to witness it, he participated in the activity, in which they toss you a fresh salmon after you purchase it. Three days after returning home, it was delivered to our front door. The experience of eating freshly caught fish is truly unbeatable. This is my go-to salmon recipe that uses very few ingredients so you can enjoy the amazing flavor of the fish. I also made a light cream sauce to add a little velv…

Every year, my family makes a trip to Fairfield to visit Cooper Farms Country Store for the sole purpose of enjoying some fresh peach ice cream. The parking lot outside this one-time gas station is always packed during peach season. Often you have to wait for cars to leave to get a parking spot, but the wait is well worth it. Their bags of beautiful ripe peaches are what led me to try this lovely mixture of peaches and pound cake.

Coming in from the heat during these dog days of summer, there is just something about the nice crisp crunch of romaine lettuce that can’t be beat. The nutritional value in those lovely leaves isn’t much, but the water content in them is extremely quenching.

As the temperatures in East Texas get hotter and hotter, everyone is looking for a tasty treat to help cool down. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the yummiest, most refreshing delicacies to be found in the Pineywoods.

East Texas has many options for a family to enjoy an adventurous day spent picking your own blueberries. If you survive the heat, thorns and bugs, you then face a new struggle at home: What yummy recipe to dive into? Blueberry muffins, blueberry pie or blueberry cheesecake egg rolls — why not? Take the crispy layers of dough filled with a savory cabbage mixture and replace it with a delicious blueberry cheesecake filling. This new culinary innovation will not disappoint.

After being homebound the last few years, more and more travelers are taking to the air to reach their vacation destinations. Add this to the rising gas prices, and flying, even to parts of the United States, can prove to be more cost effective.

Canapés (ka·nuh·peez), a French hors d’oeuvre that is prepared with pieces of bread, toast or cracker topped with a savory topping, can be a great addition to any wedding reception. A rule of thumb is that canapés are one or two bites, which is perfect for guests attending any reception. These bite-size morsels are prepared with appearances in mind. Remember that one eats first with their eyes, so prepare them with an artist state of mind.

The style of the dress, the choice and placement of the flowers, the coordinating colors of the entire day. These details are there to showcase the personalities of the bride and the groom. Why not extend this personalization even further to your beverage options at your reception? Signature cocktails are carefully chosen by the bride and groom to add subtle hints of the couple’s style and are now taking the place of the open bar.

Through the dust and cattle noise they hear Cookie yell, “Come and get it, get it while it’s hot.” Those are the words every cowboy wants to hear after a long day on the trail.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of pizza, I think of warm melted cheese. The stretchy, ooey, gooey, yummy goodness of the cheese pulling away from the pizza giving us a flavor that we all love. This recipe uses a base of a chili jam topping that is a combination of savory, sweet and spicy. It is a great substitute for your usual tomato-based marinaras that we are used to. The arugula gives this pizza the alternative bitter taste that counters the sweetness of the figs.

Decorated with a BOB punching bag in a uniform, an Elvis Presley collectable, pictures with famous instructors and a TV to pipe in live karate classes that are held next door, The Dojo Coffee House is certainly not something people see every day.