Date Night

The best date nights are the ones that help you learn more about each other, share your passions and talents and create a deeper connection. We all can use a little inspiration from time to time, so when you find yourself you’re in a date night rut, try one of these ideas. For extra, spontaneous fun, cut out these suggestions, throw them in a hat and randomly choose a date.

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Unleash your inner kid. Head to the park and see who can swing the highest.

Go to your favorite shopping spot, split up and buy something for your significant other. Meet up in the checkout lane with your purchases.

Kiss in the car.

Walk around a home improvement store and plan your next remodel project.

Double date. Find a couple that is 20 years older or younger than you and go to dinner.

Stay the night in a local hotel, Airbnb or bed and breakfast.

Cook your favorite childhood meal together.

Hold hands every chance you get.

Watch the sun rise.

Enjoy your significant other’s hobby. (Bonus points if you don’t complain about it.)

Go dancing.

Borrow a canoe and paddle the Neches River.

Start a new hobby together.

Take a day trip. Find a city within a two-hour drive and do all the touristy things there.

Plan your dream vacation.

Go to the animal shelter or humane society and play with the dogs and cats.

Go for a drive. Pack a picnic and find a place to stop.

Order a date night box. You can find subscription boxes online that provide an entire night of unique entertainment at home.

Go through old yearbooks, scrapbooks and photo albums.

Visit a nursing home. Our senior citizens need a good reminder that true love still exists today. Let them tell you about their own first love.

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