While most folks in Angelina County are well-acquainted with the Lufkin treasure known as Renfro’s Smoked Sausage, few know much about who runs it or the company’s history. Paul Clifton, owner of the business with a low profile and a cult following, said they’re just a “good ol’ hometown company.”

Rows of fruit trees, two playful, energetic dogs, numerous chickens, wandering peacocks and bee hives — 34, to be exact — greet visitors to Mel Terra Farms.

Have you ever noticed that many of our beloved Christmas movies center around the theme of stress? Perhaps this is why so many of us relate to these timeless tales. Movies like ‘‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’’ ‘‘Christmas Vacation,’’ ‘‘Four Christmases’’ and ‘‘Almost Christmas’’ capitalize on revealing the common struggles we so often experience whether it’s finances, gift- giving, family expectations or facing grief.

’Tis the season — the season of giving, of family, of hope, of cherishing all of those holiday traditions and making memories.

KENNARD — Campers at the T bar S Horse Camp slowly make their way up to a pavilion after a hefty dinner and a long day of riding along the camp’s equestrian trails.

If you have ever driven down state Highway 21 between Crockett and Madisonville, I’m sure you have seen a little pecan shop called Rattlesnake Pecan Co., but few have had the opportunity to visit and tour the actual ranch for which the shop was named.

Angelina. It’s a name taken for granted by many of the area’s residents and cited with pride by the local chamber of commerce and other area boosters. Out of 254 counties in Texas, only one, Angelina, is named after a woman.

I’ve always been drawn to cemeteries. I don’t find them scary or morbid, but oddly peaceful. The history and stories that each headstone represents as a tribute to the people resting below them is fascinating. The effort and mindful craftsmanship put into honoring these loved ones who have passed is powerful.

A few blocks from downtown Huntsville is an old, decrepit warehouse across the street from the Texas State Penitentiary. The former cotton warehouse belongs to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and has been abandoned for several decades.

Texas hunters and anglers should make note of several rule changes and regulation changes that were approved by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission during its annual regulatory hearing last spring.

I’ve never been much of a duck nut but I’ve been around long enough to know that no two Texas duck hunting seasons are ever the same.

Every lake has it. But plenty of anglers haven’t a clue how to recognize it, much less make it pay off with a bite or two.

Huntington artist John Lloyd Jones found his passion for art almost 30 years ago. He was building in-ground swimming pools in Dallas at the time when he discovered his calling.