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LEFT: Cowl neck sweater by Wild Bleu Boutique; Distressed jeans by Blonde Ambition Boutique

’Tis the season to don festive threads and attend various holiday celebrations. We’ve provided some inspiration for some classic and unique styles to ensure you’ll be a stand-out no matter what holiday events you attend.

Blue ruffle-sleeved gown by Rubie & Jane


All clothing and accessories provided by Rubie & Jane Formal Wear.

I’m the only one who hunts this pond. Everyone else gets a bit creeped out by it staring back at them with hundreds of eyes. Fritz, my black lab, is the only one that’ll join me in my blind. He doesn’t seem to mind the weird seedpods of American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) swaying in the cool wind, each filled with a dozen unblinking, eye-like nuts. He smells the scent of ducks on that wind and is vibrating in anticipation. The cold water beneath the gray sky is paradise for him, especially when he’s swimming back to shore through those lotus pods with a duck in his gentle mouth.

When Hannah Cook left her teaching job at Huntington ISD to be at home with her new baby, she knew she needed to find something creative to do. She had taught business and technology for the past five years and needed an outlet to create.

Photos by Haley Carswell, SG Photography

Here: Mustard mini-dress and scarf from Cavender’s of Lufkin; Carhart jacket and cowboy hat also from Cavender’s

Photos by SG Photography  |  Hair and makeup by Callie Arriola of Merle Norman  |  Bouquet provided by Carylon’s Florist-n-More

Event space and props: Junk’N Treasures