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Those who never venture beyond the neon hotel signs and casino lights of Shreveport, Louisiana will miss the real, vibrant and growing city.

Charcuterie dates back to 15th century France. The word is actually derived from the French word, charcutier, which is translated to “pork butcher.” The art of charcuterie, however, is the practice of serving preserved meats, including salted, smoked or brined meats. Later, it came to include what was called, “forced meats,” as they would be ground and forced through a plate, then smoked in a casing. Forced meats included pork, beef, venison, game birds and even fish. The Spanish culture later adapted this practice to add cheese and bread. They called it tapas, which means "to cover", …

Ever get out the door, in the car and down the driveway when you remember you’ve left your phone on the bathroom counter? (Just me?) Preparation is key to shaving those few precious minutes off your morning routine and getting where you need to go on time, every time.