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  • Story by Skye Page-Smith

Why use essential oils for skincare? The skin is the largest organ of the body. It acts like a sponge absorbing everything we encounter. When we apply chemicals to our skin, they are absorbed, and it can create an inflammatory response possibly worsening the issue we are trying to resolve. So, it just makes sense to apply natural, chemical-free products to our skin to promote the healing process rather than exacerbate it. Also, essential oils have side benefits! In addition to helping promote healthy skin, they are working on your emotions and immune response.

  • Story by Angela Larson

Cholesterol is a word that automatically conjures up negative mental images of clogged arteries. The term “high cholesterol” is nearly always tied to heart disease. But does cholesterol really deserve such a bad rap? If we’d all get to know it a little better, we would learn that cholesterol is actually a good thing. In the body, cholesterol is crucial to the function of the brain, digestive tract, hormone systems, reproductive system and even vitamin D formation. Because it is so important, your body makes its own cholesterol, and it is a part of the structure of every single one of y…

  • Story by Michael Herrington

For one who occupies a house so grand, Kristen Hay practices an art of great delicacy: calligraphy. It is, as Claude Mediaville puts it, “the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner.”

  • Story by Mark Vorderbruggen

It’s easy to love the woods. Guess what? The woods will love you right back if you pay a little attention to her.

“I looked at the store and it just looked sad,” she said. “It had never been a sad place, it was always a happy place.”