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Barbecue is a well-known staple in East Texas. In the past few months, a new barbecue star has made a quick rise to the top. Be Blessed BBQ is a local business operated by Lufkin country singer Flint Thompson and Nacogdoches pastor Jeremiah Moss. The duo opened their first brick-and-mortar restaurant in Lufkin last December.

Spring is a great time to start those projects around the home. The weather won’t be as brutal as in the summer, and spring just demands we start something new. Lots of folks will huddle over plans for remodeling, landscaping or whatever, and they’ll be all kinds of excited about the prospects of doing something together.

These two items pair perfectly together and take a fairly easy-to-make meal at home to a restaurant-worthy fare. The recipes are listed separately, but I recommend making in tandem. Both take approximately 45 minutes to prepare.

East Texas is home to a variety of unique individuals with creative ideas. What started out as a journey to write a story about a unique home turned into a wonderful opportunity to meet Dan Phillips, a philanthropical man with a creative mind and a humanitarian mission.