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Tucked inside the Pineywoods, in a town packed full of history, is a shopping experience similar to what can be found in larger cities. This small-town boutique is a mix of big name and local brands and is inside the historic Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches.

Fall weather is finally here. We have transitioned into cooler weather and heartier fares: stews, chili and pumpkin everything. Full-bodied wines make their appearance with meals that fill you up and keep you warm. The holidays are a great time to try full-bodied red and white wines. Additionally, the weather change means the menu will change as well.

It seems that in 2020, numerous families re-discovered that there are outdoor spaces.

More than three years after debuting in the piney woods, the East Texas winery known as Naca Valley Vineyard has adapted to the times.