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I’d managed to throw my favorite fishing lure into a low-hanging tree branch, ’cause that’s what fishermen do when they’re not actually catching fish. We know where the big ’uns love to congregate — brush piles, etc. — so when we find one of those spots, we’re conveniently going to forget we’re not always as accurate with those casts as we’d like to be. Draw back the rod, flip the wrist — and cuss a blue streak when the lure and line wrap around a limb.

You probably wouldn’t notice the private road and gate if you weren’t paying attention; it’s not hidden per se, but it doesn’t scream “come look inside” or “hidden treasures unseen within” either.

Texas is home to a passel of top-shelf bass lakes that anglers don’t often hear about. As a rule, names like Sam Rayburn, Fork, Palestine, Toledo Bend, Amistad and Falcon have a way of grabbing most of the attention, but here are a few sleepers worth checking out this year.

From the freezing wilds of Canada to the playas in West Texas and just about everywhere in between, Cherri Teutsch feels right at home in the great outdoors.

The upcoming fall season is a great time to incorporate some recently harvested wild game into a delicious, home-cooked meal. Combining two kinds of meat is an excellent way to provide your family and friends with a wildly scrumptious experience. That’s exactly what they’ll get with this pasta dish, which includes dove breasts and venison sausage.