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One of the fantastic acts you’ll see at this year’s Blueberry Bluegrass Festival in Nacogdoches on June 8 has double the talent. Katy Lou and Penny Lea Clark are identical twins from Kilgore. They never dreamt of a career in music, yet today they are traveling the world as the well-respected band, The Purple Hulls.

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Some things just get better with age: historical buildings, great ideas and, of course, wine. Whether it takes 99 years, three years or somewhere in between, wine can prove to be well worth the wait. For Red House Winery, the wait is over, as they held their grand opening May 2 in historic downtown Nacogdoches.

Driving through timber country out Highway 69 east, peaking through the pine curtain to the clear-cut fields, I find it poignant that my destination is a nature preserve. Weaving in and out of logging trucks with both fresh pine and processed boards, I feel closer to my great-aunt Geraldine’s lifelong plight.